Vocal Classes

Vocal Classes



If you’re an absolute beginner and you’re thinking: “I don’t know if I can really sing” or “I want to sing, but I’m really bad at this or then you must know that your thoughts are identical to all other beginner’s thoughts.
Most great singers did not have a great voice when they started.
Think about that again: Most great singers did not have a great voice when they started…Yes they had to develop their voice
They simply invested a considerable amount of time and effort to develop their voice. And no… it will not … sorry to say… come overnight…
BUT if you persist you will see a notable difference within only 3 months.
Therefore if you have a passion for singing there’s (scientific) proven hope: YOU CAN DO IT!


Typical things we will work on in the beginner singing classes:

  • Understanding your body in relation to your voice
  • Posture – how to stand and sing, how to sit and sing
  • Technique – how to breathe using your diaphragm – developing a ‘breath management system’
  • Voice stretches – get your voice acquainted with singing through scales, arpeggios and vocal exercises
  • Learning how to sing YOUR favorite songs
  • Imitating YOUR favorite singers


The great thing about being an intermediate singer is the fact that you’ve already moved through the basics
Now it’s time for real work!
The primary objective of this phase in your singing development is to greatly increase your vocal quality, range and strength.
At times it will be hard work – but we promise to always make it fun!

We will work on:

  • Drastically improving your vocal technique
  • Helping you get a firm understanding breath support
  • How to sing comfortably in your falsetto
  • Extending your range
  • How to belt or scream without hurting your voice (metal/rock/grunge singing)
  • How to sing thrills and vibrato properly

Congratulations on reaching this level!
It’s been a journey and you certainly have not reached your destination. You have however conquered some major mountains. Well it’s time to once again move on and conquer the impossible. We will utilize the same technique that we use to conquer any major obstacle: time, effort, motivation and believe.
We will do it together and take you from good to great!

We will work on:
  • Perfecting your technique
  • Singing very difficult passages
  • Advanced vocal exercises
  • Extending your range
  • Improving your overall sound
  • Impressing friends with your voice

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