About RIMD

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About RIMD

The Royal Institute of Music & Dance aims to give people of all ages the opportunity to learn music within a structured programmed and under the guidance of committed and inspirational Music and Dance instructors.

We strive to create a beautiful, inspiring place where children/ adults of all cultural backgrounds can come and play music- together, individually, or with teachers. It’s a place to go after school, at weekends, and during the holidays for lessons, workshops, practice facilities, and to play together in a range of bands and ensembles.

RIMD offers a genuinely unique environment and opportunity for all students, fit for purpose and providing a range of different sized teaching and practice spaces including space for workshops. RIMD is a center for world music – a place where people have the opportunity to learn about and take part in music from all cultures and where different types of music are brought together.

RIMD is dedicated to bringing quality and affordable dance instruction to the community.


Our vision is to be regarded as an extraordinary place of learning for young and old, to contribute outstanding music and dance education as well as comprehensive programming and performance opportunities to our broad community base. We strive to offer quality private instruction tailored to the needs of individuals and will continue to adapt our course offerings to encourage new participation.


Our mission is to teach music & dance to people of all ages and abilities; to help our students find the inspiration and joy music brings to the mind and soul, and to strengthen the sense of community in the neighborhoods we serve.


RIMD is committed to creating positively life-changing experiences for everyone within and connected to the organization. We therefore adopt the following values:

People- We are only as good as our people. We embrace loyalty and will recruit, recognize and reward talented and committed people. We are committed to the growth of the team that serves R.I.M.D as well as those we serve.
Passion- People are inspired by something they can believe in, something that brings meaning to their lives. Fuelled by our passion, we are committed to achieving excellence.
Innovation – Music operates with an entrepreneurial spirit. We value creativity and celebrate innovation within the arts.
Integrity - We are committed to a high standard of integrity, a strong ethical framework, and a deep and abiding sense of respect for employees and others with whom we interact. We keep our promises and we deliver on what is promised. We are fair in all our actions and are committed to open and honest communication.

Diversity- At RIMD, equality is afforded to everyone regardless of his or her unique place in the diversity spectrum. Gender, national origin, race, color, creed or religion. Opportunities are offered to all.
Leadership: We lead through positive action. We are committed to serving others for the greater good of society.
Lifelong Learning – RIMD is committed to lifelong learning and nurtures the pursuit of music making by creating and providing quality opportunities and experiences for everyone.

RIMD Location

RIMD is located in Motor City, Dubai. We have chosen a site at Kojak Center opposite to Dubai Autodrome with a safe and plentiful parking area. The institute provides the community with a comfortable, friendly environment in which to learn the arts of music and dance. R.I.M.D offers private instruction and group classes. Our purpose built facility is approximately 2,500 sq. ft of space, which allows sufficient room for 7 music studios, a dance studio, mini auditorium (60 people), social corner and office space.